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They were the budget range of CDS software, and as such they released most of the old CDS back catalogue, then got rights to sell some of the older Superior and MRM software games, some games of course went straight to the budget. They did three budget ranges for the BBC Micro, which were made up of MRM, CDS, and Superior Software titles, MRM they had bought out some years previously, as well as CDS.

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Video Card Arcade

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A gambling game, this one offers you a choice of three games to play - 21, Poker Royal or High Low. The games are fairly straightforward, apart from Poker as I don't know the rules to that. The others are simple, in 21 you have to get cards whose face value add up to 21 then you win different amounts depending on what combinations you have, in high low, you have to say whether the next card off the top of the pack will be higher or lower than the last, five correct cards wins, again the combination of cards shows how much you win. It is a simple package, with some nice graphics, and the games are fun to play.