Kitting Out

If you want to get beeb hardware, then this is where to come....

If you really like the beeb, and you want to experience it as you did all those years ago, or maybe you just want a taster of the machine? Anyway, if the emulators leave you hankering for the real Mc Coy, then there's only one thing you can do - buy a real one!!!

Crazy as it may seem to you right now, it is the only way to experience the beeb properly! You may think this is an expensive proposition, these things are rare right? No way, you can probably get a machine, monitor and disk drive all for around £40! Then all you have to do is get a serial cable for PC to Beeb transfer, and you can transfer all the software you like onto BBC Floppies - straight from the BBC Archive!

How to get a real Beeb!

Where do you get this stuff from? Well, let me see, there are loads of beebs just waiting to be snapped up by someone! Here are some good starting places:

8-bit Software

Chris always has loads of equipment on sale, from the basic machines, to monitors, joysticks, software, disk drives, and the more obscure pieces of kit, should you want to delve deeper into the mystical realms of the beeb!

Robert Sprowson

Robert also has a good selection of software, machines and literature for the beeb. The best thing is he donates all the profits to charity!


This is always worth a look if you can't find anything anywhere else, just search for BBC Micro and something should come up! You can place ads here for free.


Not so much here, but maybe something interesting will come up - you can place an advert here too for free.

Personal Ads

If you have any BBC Computer Hardware/Software you wish to sell/trade, then place an ad for it here, it is free, and I will keep it here for as long as you want. Also if you request, I will place an advert in the magazine 8-bit Software (which you may want to join). Tell me your phone number if you want to do this, or you can use mine, I will put enquiries into e-mails, and send them to you.