This section contains a selection of Beeb related articles, from magazine type columns, to interviews with stars past and present, this is the place to come if you like to read about everything involved in Beeb gaming.


CG Expo 2004 Show Report

From 24th-25th July 2004 the first CG Expo UK event was held in Croydon - the BBC Games Archive was there, and this is what happened.

Kitting Out

Some advice on where to get real BBC Hardware and software.


Peter Scott

The most prolific author to every grace the BBC, with his unique and very original style, Peter Scott games have become some of the classics of the Beeb. Read about his games, his life and his TV company here!

Gary Partis

One of the top programmers on the BBC, Gary was also one of the most skillful with machine code, I talk to him about his games, and living in the shadow of Peter Scott ;-)

The Mad Hatter

I talk with the Mad Hatter, the man who probably helped more people out of Life and Death situations than the entire Rescue service (of course, none of these situations were real as such)

Nick Pelling

An interview with probably technically the most skillful programmer ever to run his fingers over the smooth beige body of the Beeb. He was pretty elusive back then, preferring not to become a 'Eugene Evans' of the beeb world, but since I threatened to assasinate him he's allowed some questions :)

Richard Hanson

Richard reveals how he started Superior Software with just a sack of beans and a big dream, and how he and Repton have managed to stay friends all these years.

Steve Hanson

Steve talks about Superior today, whats in store for the future, and why he and Richard avoided growing girly long hair and forming a band back in their teens.

Adrian Stephens

Adrian talks about his life as a games programmer, from the highs of Mr Ee and Killer Gorilla, to his low points (Escape from Moonbase Alpha by his own admission!)

Jonathon Griffiths

The man behind such classics as Snapper and Rocket Raid speaks about his involvement with Acorn and the BBC.